POLITICAL STATEMENT: Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa

The Just Recovery Energy Plan is for a 100% renewable energy independent Africa.

We commit to the Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for 100% Renewable Energy independent Africa. This plan is needed to tackle the twin crises of climate change and Covid-19.

Africa is suffering from the impacts of climate change and Covid-19.

Africa is facing multiple inter-related crises. The continent of Africa is vulnerable because it is so exposed to climate change impacts. Our people are still reeling from the devastating impacts of cyclones Idai (2019), Kenneth (2019) and Eloise (2021) that caused extensive flood damage and deaths in Southern Africa. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the suffering of Africa’s peoples and exposed the unequal, unjust and exploitative policies which are a legacy of the colonial and post-colonial systems.

The level of energy poverty in Africa is unacceptable.

Three-quarters of those without access to electricity now live in Africa, a share that has risen over recent years. The majority of all Africans do not have clean energy sources for cooking. The number of deaths from respiratory infections is enormous and avoidable. The economic effects of Covid-19 increased the numbers of people who could not access electricity and who went into energy poverty. Africa’s vast natural resources have been exploited for the benefits of others through transnational corporations and have left behind the majority of Africa’s peoples, especially rural African women.