FoE Ghana Project Activities

Under the Frontline Resistance to Oil and Gas and Coordinated Campaigning for Climate Justice and Just Energy Transformation for Africa project, FoE Ghana uses several actions that concur to reaching the project’s objective which is to prevent new oil and gas infrastructure projects and accelerate a movement for climate justice and a just energy transition across Africa.  This is being carried out through its national project entitled : Mobilizing local action against the keta oil block project in ghana

The project aims at building a Civil Society-Community Coalition to lobby and advocate against onshore oil and gas exploitation in the Keta oil Block and to pursue an environmental, social, gender, economic justice and sustainable recovery from COVID 19 in Ghana. It is targeting target government of Ghana (Ministry of Energy, Energy Commission) and oil and gas companies including Swiss African Oil Company Limited (SWAOCO) a subsidiary of Swiss African Petroleum AG, Pet Volta Investments Limited and Ghana National Petroleum Corporation.

In that regard, FoE Ghana has organized 6 press briefings dedicated to highlighting the potential devastation of the activities of government of the Keta Oil Block Project.

It has also organized 4 CSO Forums on to mobilize key stakeholders to pursue the transformative system change agenda in Ghana.

Project Press Briefing

Project Press Briefing

FoE Ghana has started to support the Just Recovery Media Network dedicated to promoting environmental, social, gender, economic justice and sustainable recovery.

Also started the facilitation of an online independent media group, connected to local communities, National Fisheries Association of Ghana, CSOs, national media and other intermediaries. The Online Portal will be hosted for 12 months.